WORKSHOPS and lectures of the past

In addition to the ensemble lessons musicians of the Delft Chamber Music Festival and teachers of the Chamber Music Atelier are providing workshops/lectures. Former guest teachers have included the Belcea Quartet, Doric String Quartet and Ragazze Quartet, Tango Ensemble Isabelle van Keulen, jazzviolinist Tim Kliphuis  and pianist Matan Porat.
In 2020 Donald Grant will provide a workshop about Traditional Scottish Music. 

Several workshops of the past years:

Donald Grant: "workshop The Way home - Traditional Scottish music" (2018):

Doric Stringquartet: lecture about Brittens stringquartet No 3 (2018):

Joseph Puglia: "Berio Project" (2017):

Belcea Quartet: lecture concert about stringquartet no 3 from D.Shostakowich

improvisation-workshop with Tim Kliphuis (2016)

Singing-workshop "The white rainbow" with Inga Schneider, lecture concert about stringquartet op 76/1 from J.Haydn with the Doric String Quartet and presentation about violinmaking with Jan van Elst (2015)


Improvisatie en Muziektheater met het Ragazze Kwartet (2014)




Worskhop 2013: TANGO with Isabelle van Keulen Tango Ensemble

Isabelle van Keulen (violin),  Ulrike Payer (piano), Ruediger Ludwig (double bass), Christian Gerber (bandoneon)


Sidonie Riha: "How 4 voices become 1?" (2009) 
























Marieke Schneemann: "Expression" (2010)
















Vera Beths: "The secret of Boccherini" and Peter Masseurs: "Jazz" (2011) 




Andreas Grütter and Asdis Valdimarsdóttir: "The art of the bow"  and  Matan Porat: Improvisation (2012)