"Stichting Kamermuziek Ateliers Nederland" is a cultural non profit organisation.

The foundation organizes chamber music courses for amateurs and young professional musicians.

To be able to offer projects as the "Kamermuziek Atelier Delft" and the "Meespeel Atelier Den Haag" on a high level and for reasonable fees - especially for the children and students - the organisation is dependent on voluntary work, subsidies and donations.

Please get it contact with our foundation if you want to help us financially with our upcoming projects:

/ 0031- 647804890

You can also transfer an amount directly to the bankaccount of Stichting Kamermuziek Ateliers Netherlands, The Hague:

IBAN: NL39 INGB 0005 9945 97  BIC: INGBNL2A

Please mention "donation" and your name or the name of your organisation.

or you can donate via our paypal account via the following link or button:

Donate directly via paypal

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